I ship makoharu too much.

teresa/14/jesus lover/a weirdo yeah

*ೃ:✧personal + multifandom blog*ೃ:✧

hi hey hello it's teresa (❁˘◡˘❁)
i'm a big dork and i'm married with jack frost.
I mostly reblogs stuff that related to disney and dreamworks. I watch some animes too! such as black butler, free!, death note, and many more. but you'll find lots of free! and makoharu stuff here u///u

makoto is a babe.

oh and yeah sometimes I make gifs or edits hehe

my askbox is always open for you so if you want to tell me something or need a friend to talk or being weird idk you are welcomed! hey, I love making new friends c:

have a magical day. ♥

ㅡ”the perfect girl is gone.”

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