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Fantasia, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (1940)

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"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation".
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9.Freeな寝起きどっきり。 part 4
七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
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Track 9: Free Wake Up Ambush, part 4

Rin: Hah? Haru became a mackerel?
Nagisa: Yeah! What should we do, Rin-chan?
Rin: Are you pulling me leg?
Rei: Rin-san, it’s true! Don’t you want to help Haruka-senpai?!
Makoto: Rin, please!
Rin: Ohh… Sheesh… Here! If it was a mermaid princess, wouldn’t a prince’s kiss turn her into human?
Nagisa: Rin-chan, Haru-chan didn’t turn into a mermaid, he turned into a mackerel!
Rin: Shut up! I don’t know! I’m cutting the call! See you!
Nagisa: A prince’s kiss… Mako-chan.
Rei: Makoto-senpai.
Makoto: Eh!? Me?!
Rei: You can do it, Makoto-senpai!
Nagisa: At this rate, Haru-chan might die! There’s no water on the bed!
Makoto: Ah… I-I got it. This is for Haru’s sake!
[ sound of heart beating ]
[ door opens ]
Haruka: What are you doing?
Makoto: Eh!?
Nagisa: Uweh?! Haru-chan?
Rei: Haruka-senpai!
Makoto: Haru! Didn’t you turn into mackerel…?
Haruka: What are you talking about? I was making breakfast in the kitchen this entire time.
Makoto: Then, this mackerel is…?
Haruka: That’s a mackerel toy Coach Sasabe gave me. It’s quite well done, right? It has a clock too, so you can use it as an alarm clock.
Rei: A-Alarm clock…
Haruka: Once it goes off, it’ll jump out from the blankets. It wakes in an instant.
Nagisa: And here we thought Haru-chan loved mackerel so much he became a mackerel too…
Haruka: That can’t be possible. Hurry and go eat breakfast.
Nagisa, Rei & Makoto: Ehhh…

(note: translations are done from japanese -> chinese -> english, so there may be small differences)


get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite male characters // makoto tachibana

"But… if you’re not there… It’s meaningless without you! I want to swim with you!" 

"I see the light" + lanterns → requested by Anonymous